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Develop, prepare and present food using food product development processes Syllabus / lEP Framework Outcomes Assessed Assessment Name: Food Manufacture Assessment No: SubJed: Food Technology Class: Year 12 -I weighting (%): Student Confirmation I certify the following assessment is all my own work and I have not copied materials from other sources. Students Signature: Task Description / Submission Instructions You are to select ONE food product that is manufactured in Australia by an Australian company. Identify the manufacturing processes and technologies used by the company in the production of the product. Compare these to processes that would be used to produce the same product in a food technology kitchen. sel.ted product. Checkpoints: 0 Select and research one food product currently manufactured in Australia o Clearly identify and discuss manufacturing proces.s us. in both the domestic and commercial ,:117:::177:4itt::::::d7rn-Z:rseifeglitleeP o Illustrate production process flow charts for both commercial and domestic production 0 Identify and explain technologies used in the product of the selected product. This a. includes quality management systems put in place that are required for the safe manufacture of the selected product in either a domestic or commercial setting (choose : to clearly identify critical control points with relevant examples (eg- temperature, time, Mar4 /100 Assessment Task Marking Criteria CriteriaThe student has demonstrate an extensive knowledge and understanding of: Ao One kod product produced by an Australian food manufacturing ichottnpany duct. et theo Being able to critically, analyse the manufacturing processes used he pro chosen food product in both commercial and domestic settMgsc, Production process flowchartsc, Identifying and explaining in detail, technologies used in the production of the chosen food product