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Assessment Event Cover Sheet
This sheet must be completed and returned with each assessment event.
Please submit your assessment and completed cover sheet via the Google classroom ‘Turn in’ function.
Office use only
Assessment event 1 of 2: Written answer questions
Complete your answers within this document and when you are ready submit to the assessor via the Google classroom ‘Turn in’ function..
Your responses must address the marking criteria as listed below:
Marking criteria
Your responses to the short answer questions must:
? be presented in this document, and submitted via local campus arrangements
? provide accurate information which addresses all parts of each question, and supply examples where appropriate
? use clear and concise language to ensure the intended meaning is understood
? provide references to the source of information and a reference list, which follows the Harvard referencing style
Note: Word limits (where provided) should be used as a guide only, and can assist you to determine the depth of answer required.
Identify two people who have a mental health related illness either from case scenarios presented by your teacher, or during your professional experience placement and answer the following questions for each person.
Word limit 600 words for each person.
Person 1
Person 2
[End of Assessment event 1]
Please submit your completed assessment via the Google classroom ‘Turn in’ function.
Assessment Event Feedback
Student Name:
Assessment event 1 of 2: Short answer questions
Assessor details
I confirm I have provided the above feedback to the student.
Name Date
Student comments
I confirm I have received the above feedback from the assessor.
Student comments:
Name Signature: Date

Editable Microsoft Word Document

Word Count: 2514 words including template and References

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