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SIXMGT002 - Establish and conduct Business Relationships
Resource Requirements
For this assessment, the following materials must be available to support the negotiation process
Preparatory facts and statistics Key performance indicators Market information.
D Contract templates
Instructions for assessment including WHS requirements
I The assessment for this unit of competency consists of 3 Parts, Part A, Part B and Part C. Part A requires you to review the current supply and contract provisions in place for 3 suppliers relevant to your work area in TH&E and establish new business relationships by determining alternative supplier provisions,
Part B is based on the results you have identified in Part A and requires you to conduct negotiations with 2 different suppliers to determine conditions for new supply agreements,
Part C requires you to communicate the negotiated outcomes from your negotiations with your supervisor or trainer, conduct final negotiations where required and draw up the final legal agreements for supplies with each supplier,
You are required to answer all questions and tasks as outlined in each part below. Assessment Deliverable:
1, Please submit a typed assignment in MS word document.
Document font should be either calibri (body) or Times New Roman,
4. Include assignment topic name, your student name, student number as heading of answer document.
5. Submit your assignment as a hard copy.
Tasks for the Students:
the organisation are completing your placement with:
Supplier 1:
Products or services p
Supplier 2:
Products or services provided:
Supplier 3;
Products or services provided;
Z, List the key performance indicators/specifications that are required for the supply of eath product or service from each supplier.
3. Research alternative suppliers for each supplier you have listed in Question 1, and alternative quote for each supplier you currently use, based on the key performance indicators/specifications you have identified in Question 2.
4, Once you have received the 3 quotes. compare these with the existing supplier attach a summary which outlines the advantages and disadvantages for:
Payment conditions
Service provisions
Specific needs of your organisations (quantities, $ terms, purchasing power etc.)
5. Based on your comparison, write a recommendation for whether one or several new supplier(S should be considered to replace any of the existing ones. Which aspects will need to be negotiated specifically where one or several new suppliers are considered, or re-negotiated where existing suppliers are preferred.
6. How are the relationships with existing suppliers managed in the current organisation?
does this entail in terms of communication, monitoring and provisions to overcome supply service issues? What are your recommendations based on existing provisions in place these do not or only partially exist)?
7. Where actual negotiation will take place as a result of the aspects you have identified in Question S, you will be observed conducting these negotiations for Part B of this assess me project.
organisations policies and procedures prevent you from negotiating or re you be observed conducting negotiations in a simulated environment in Part assessment project, ba
part B —Conducting Negotiations
You will be observed conducting negations with existing or potential new su
Question 5 of Part A of this assessment. The suppliers may be actual, where as agreed to With your ation al and use these as the You are r uir to record all details discussed during the negotiation basis to draw up a contract for each supplier in Part C of this assessment.
Provide the following details for at least 2 different negotiations (Negotiation 1 and 2) you

Part C — Making formal agreements
on the feedback from
Supplier negotiate the
and final approval
Details negotiated
approved not a moved
supplier 2
Details negotiated Outcome
3. contact each supplier by email and confirm the agreements made, Advise each party that you will finalise the formal agreements for signing of all parties.
4. Draw up the Contract agreements based on your final negotiated outcomes. Each contract must contain the following details:
You are encouraged to identify legal requirements based on your own research legal advice.
The following websites provide basic information thereto:
Names of contracting parties
supply conditions, including volume, discounts, ordering delivery times
specifications of goods or set-vices supplied (scope
warranty periods for defective goods or services
limited liability (risk of loss or damage)
intellectual property
confidentiality insurance
dispute resolution
termination and exclusion clauses
5. present

Editable Microsoft Word Document

Word Count: 1619 words including tables and References

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