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H16008 Assignment 3 Requirement.... Assignment 3 Requirement Assignment 3 Reflective writing aims to get you to think about your learning and understand your learning experiences. When students writing Assignment 3 need to follow steps: 1. Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience Make judgements that are clearly connected to observations you have made. Answer the questions: - What is your opinion about learning experience? - What is the value of this experience? 2. Explain how this learning process will be useful to you Consider: In what ways might this learning experience serve you in: - course - program - future career - life generally Answer the question: How you will transfer or apply your new knowledge and insights in the future? 3. Describe objectively what happened in the learning process Give the details of what happened in the learning process. Answer the question: What you did, read, see, and hear? 4. Evaluate what you learn Make judgments connected to observations you have made in the Business Research. Answer the question: How Business Research was useful for your Research Learning Process? 5. Explain your learning process: New insights, connections with other learning, your feelings, hypotheses, conclusions. Answer the questions: What was the reason you did particular activities (Assignment 1, Assignment 2? 6. Explain Plan how this learning you will applied Comment on its relevance to your research subject, your course, future profession, life... Answer the question: How might this learning apply in your future?

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