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BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and continuous improvement
Assessment task 2- Project
You have received an email from Liz Hitchens, Marketing Manager.
Subject – Developing the project implementation plan
As an experienced member of the marketing team, you have been selected to BizOps project implementation plan. A member of your team has come up with the idea to develop an online shopping app to enable tablet and smart phone users to place orders more easily than using the regular e-commerce site. Results from the testing and trailing of the prototype have been positive. It is anticipated that there will be a marked increase in online orders with the availability of this app.
There are detailed instructions for what is required in the ‘instructions to the student’ section that follows. You will find the links to additional organisational documents that you need in the ‘resourced required’ section.
I look forward to seeing your plan as I feel this idea has considerable merit.
Liz Hitchens
Marketing Manager
Instruction to the student
In order to complete this project you are required to access the following BizOps Enterprises policies, procedures and templates on Moodle.
• Project Implementation Plan template
• Company business plan
• Organisational operational plan
• Organisational charts
• Risk management policy
• Risk management procedures
• Risk management plan template
• Progress report template
You are required to develop a project implementation plan from the initiation stage through to the final development of the online shopping app. The plan needs to be quite comprehensive – the final submission is expected to be at least 1,500 words. Using the project implementation template, complete the following tasks.
1. Identify and describe:
• The purpose of the innovation
• The background context for the project
• Project objectives
• Key deliverables
2. Explain what it will take to:
• Develop the app. Including a trial with potential consumers
• Integrate it with the organisation’s current systems
• Ensure staff can work with a new way of retailing
• Promote the app to consumers
• Prepare to maintain the app once it is launched
3. Plan and assign responsibilities for key activities to the retail operations and business operations team members (consider the need to seek advice from operations and IT specialists in the organisation).
4. Prepare a schedule for the development and trial of the app, and its integration with the organisation’s system. Calculate the total time for the project, beginning with estimating the time it will take to complete activities. Allow time for:
• A comprehensive trial of the app with potential consumers
• Analysis of issues and problem-solving
• Applying identified corrections to the app
Be sure to identify dates for milestone to enable the team to monitor process.
5. Prepare a resource and cost plan by estimating the human, technical and equipment resources required for the project and their costs.
6. Identify and assess risk to the project include contingency strategies as appropriate. Complete a risk assessment using the risk management plan template and submit this with the project implementation plan.
7. Determine how you will measure the quality of the app (the quality assessment criteria). Develop a quality management plan that outlines how performance of the app will be measured.
8. Develop a communications and reporting plan to explain how information will be communicated to identify stakeholders to meet their needs. To report progress
on achieving milestones and project costs and benefits on completion, your team will need use the progress report template.
a. Identify what needs to be communicated to whom (stakeholders) during the project and how you will do it.
b. Consider the needs to communicate to all BizOps staff how this idea has become an innovation initiative that will lead to competitive advantage and therefore sustainability.
c. Consider the communication required to manage resistance to a change in the way customer service staff will manage queries, complaints and follow-ups.
d. Identify how you will communicate the costs and benefits of the innovation to the senior management.
e. Plan for lessons learnt to be communicated to the IT department and recorded in the BizOps knowledge management system.
9. Include a section in the plan on how you will celebrate the achievement of milestones and project finalisation (the launch of the app)
The final documents you submit for assessment will be assessed using the project criteria provided.
Resources required
The following materials are required for this project to be completed which is available on the Moodle.
• Business technology, including a computer and internet access.
• BizOps Enterprises templates, policies and procedures
• Project Implementation Plan template
• Company-business-plan
• Organisation-operational-plan
• Organisational-charts
• Risk-management-procedures
• Risk-management-plan-template
• Progress-report-template

Editable Microsoft Word Document

Word Count: 1162 words including tables/template.

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