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PPT Presentation. 12 slides.
Writer must have academic experience in teaching and assessing the creative arts in Primary aged children (australia).
APA referencing. Minimum of 4 academic references. Required references are below. Required by 11am AEST, Sunday 3 February. Paypal payment required.
Backward mapping presentation: select one of the outcomes and assessments (not a rubric) from PART B (1) and using a backward mapping approach develop a plan for a unit of work in the creative arts. Create your response in a presentation (of max 10 slides) and ensure that a minimum of three academic sources are synthesised throughout the whole.
Note that backward mapping always has the end product in mind; it begins with the identification of desired learning goals, objectives and outcomes that outline what students are expected to learn and be able to do - it then proceeds ‘backward’ to create assessment tasks, learning experiences, and teaching methods to help achieve those specific learning outcomes.
The outcome I have selected is Early Stage 1 VAS1.3 - Recognises some of the qualities of different artworks and begins to realise that artists make artworks • identifies different colours, lines, directions and other things of interest in artworks • talks about the three dimensional qualities of sculptures.
What is the length of this presentation and what will it consist of?
You will have 10 slides, or the presentation will last for ten minutes.
You will include a brief Rationale
You will use 1 Outcome from Part B (1) - VAS1.3
You develop a unit of work (3-5 learning experiences) these are to be 20-40 minute lessons
You will have 3 Academic sources.
See suggested outline for slide presentation below.
What level of detail does the presentation need to include?
I expect sufficient detail that explores backward mapping and demonstrates its use in developing a plan for a unit of work. Detail is important and how you articulate it is also important.
Do I need to reference within my power point?
Yes and you will need to have a reference slide as well. You will need to have at least three synthesised throughout your presentation.
References must come from the below plus two more:
Roy, D., Baker, W. & Hamilton, A. (2015). Teaching the Arts: Early Childhood & Primary Education, Melbourne: Cambridge University Press.
Kivunja, C. (2015). Teaching, learning and assessment. Steps towards creative practice. Victoria, Australia: Oxford University Press.
A suggested plan for your 10 slides-The introduction and reference page MUST be included but are not counted in the total of 10 slides. –Total 12 slides in all.
A. Introduction slide – Title of unit.-class –duration (How long is the unit expected to go (how many lessons/experiences) each maybe a different length). any additional information you feel is relevant (not counted in your 10 slides but a compulsory component)
1. An Introduction to Backward mapping: What is backward mapping and why would you use it?
2. Rationale --- The why you are teaching this unit? Desired learning goals - slide where you could talk about established goals, understandings, and essential questions.
3. Outcomes & Indicators/ Content descriptors.- that outline what students are expected to learn and be able to do. From the relevant syllabus. :
Include a General Capabilities pp 266 “Teaching the Arts” Select one, and do it well. This is one of the books that is required to be referenced.
4. Assessment tasks- where you could talk about performance tasks and other evidence for assessment. How will you assess? What will you assess? How will you record/collect the information.
5- 8 (approximately). Learning experiences where you could give details of 3-5 learning experiences. (Details of lesson – as much as you can fit on 1 slide, can be dot point)
9-10.Teaching methods/ strategies - to help achieve the specific outcomes.
Reference page; compulsory

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