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Federation Business School
BUACC 5930
Accounting Concepts and Practices
Group Assignment
(Case Study)
Trimester 3, 2018
DUE DATE: Week 11/12 TOTAL MARKS: 100
This is a Group Assignment and is to be completed in pairs. Students are required to study, undertake research, analyse and conduct academic work to the given instructions in the areas of accounting covered in learning materials 1 to 11 inclusive. The assignment contains two tasks. The first task (Question 1 and 2) is a case study focused on a comprehensive examination of the financial performance of the Telstra Group. The second task (Question 3) is a case study that requires preparation of financial statements for ALBA Ltd. You are strongly advised to reference professional websites, journal articles and text books in order to complete this assessment.
Refer to the assignment instructions.
Students MUST complete ALL questions.
Question 1: Analysis of financial performance
The 2017 and 2018 Annual reports for Telstra are provided on Moodle Shell. Use these Annual reports to compare and contrast the financial results of the Telstra Group over the last two years (2017 to 2018). You should use financial information provided in the annual reports (including ratios, and narratives) to determine whether there has been an improvement or not in the financial position profitability and investments of the company. You should complete the following tasks:
a) Prepare a brief description of Telstra Group Corporation, outlining the core activities and the market it operates within. Emphasise any factor in the companies’ history which you consider may help present a “picture” of Telstra.
(2.5 marks)
b) Examine the financial Performance of the Telstra Group.
(i) Compare and contrast Financial Performance of the Telstra Group using the main financial data for 2018 and 2017. (10 marks)
(ii) Analyse the Cash Flows of the corporation. (5 marks)
(iii) Identify and Examine the Core Assets. (5 marks) (iv) Examine Equity and Debt Capital. (2.5 marks) (v) Examine Investments of Telstra. (5 marks)
(vi) Identify and Analyse Parent Entity Disclosure. (5 marks)
Word Limit 1,000 (+/-10%)
(35 marks)
Question 2
The 2018 Sustainability report for the Telstra Group Corporation is provided on the Moodle Shell or at the following web site
The Telstra Group Corporation is the main telecommunication and internet company provider in Australia. Students should undertake a comprehensive investigation to provide critical analysis about the Telstra’s business sustainability.
Use this Sustainability report (and other resources) to answer the following question: How Telstra Group Corporation does conduct business sustainability? How do you rate Telstra’s sustainability?
Word Limit 800 (+/-10%)
(25 marks)
Question 3
Alba Ltd hires out equipment and furniture for parties. The unadjusted trial balance of the business appears as shown below.
Unadjusted Trial Balance as at 30 June 2018
Account Debit Credit
Cash at bank
Accounts receivable
GST receivable
Prepaid insurance
Party equipment
Accumulated depreciation – party equipment
Accumulated depreciation – furniture
Accounts payable
GST payable
E. Johns, Capital
E. Johns, Drawings
Hire fees revenue
Salaries expense
Rent expense
Maintenance expense
Electricity expense $ 5 200
2 400
3 300
1 200
31 400
47 300
18 310
26 500
5 700
3 100
1 400
17 600
23 000
6 800
5 000
18 710
74 700
$ 145 810 $ 145 810
Additional information
(a) Expired insurance amounts to $850.
(b) June electricity costs of $300 have not been paid or recorded. No tax invoice has been received.
(c) Depreciation on the party equipment is $7850, and depreciation on the furniture is $9420.
(d) Hire fees of $1150 (plus GST of $115) were received in advance and were not considered to be revenue at balance date.
(e) The Rent Expense account contains $1320 paid for July 2018 rent.
(f) A hire fee of $264 received in cash (including $24 GST) was recorded by debiting Accounts Receivable.
(g) Salaries earned amounting to $810 will be paid in July and have not been recorded.
A. Set up T accounts for the accounts listed in the trial balance.
1. Enter the account balances from the trial balance to the T accounts.
2. Post the adjusting information directly to the T accounts.
B. Prepare an adjusted trial balance for the year ended 30 June 2018
C. Prepare a statement of financial performance as at 30 June 2018.
D. Prepare a statement of changes in equity for the year ended 30 June 2018.
E. Prepare a statement of financial position as at 30 June 2018.
(7+13+5+2+8 = 35 marks)
Formal structure and referencing
(5 marks)
Total Marks = 100
BUACC5930: Group Assignment
Marking Guide
Student Name Student ID Number
Bases of assessment Marks
Question 1
a) A short Description of the Telstra Group Corporation
(2.5 marks)
b) Examine the Financial Performance of the Telstra Group.
(10+5+5+2.5+5+5 marks)
Question 2
• Examine how the Telstra Corporation conducted sustainability in the telecommunication-internet industry in Australia.
(25 marks)
/ 25
Question 3
• Presentation and accuracy of all parts.
(35 marks)
/ 35
Overall Presentation
• Cover page, line spacing, page numbering and referencing. / 5
Total / 100