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Course: Advanced Information System
Due date: January 27,2019 (MST-Canada)
Word Limit: 800 words
Permitted Materials:
You are encouraged to use all library, Internet and other research materials available to you to examine:
The subject organization
The organization’s industry
The general environment that the organization operates in
Assignment Instructions:
You must complete this assignment through individual effort. No collaboration is permitted.
Organize your assignment using a formal report structure. Professional writing is expected and part of the assignment grade will be allocated to assessment of basics of writing style, including grammar, spelling and proper construction of arguments.
Include this cover page as the first page of your answer submission, but do not include it in your word count.
Do not exceed the word count. The content of any words in excess of the permitted word count will not be included in the graded portion of the assignment.
Individual Assignment Detail:
Submit a memo of 800 to 900 words in good form that answers the following questions:
Apply the environmental or strategic analysis tools covered in Module 1 and Module 2 of the course to the situation of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Based on the results of your application of the tools, discuss the overall position of SAIT relative to its environment and competitors. At least one of the tools you apply must be a SWOT or a Porter’s five-forces model. You must apply a minimum of two analysis tools.
Based on your observations and analysis, identify what you believe SAIT’s strategy to be. Support your selection with appropriate evidence.
Use the information you have gathered and the arguments you have assembled to draft the outlines of a management information system (MIS) plan, including:
What aspects of an MIS are critical to SAIT’s ability to serve its customers and compete?
What types of environmental information gathering are needed?
Should the system be centralized or decentralized for decision making and information processing?
Should system development and/or support be outsourced or retained in house?
Attached File & Information:
Click the following website to get more information about SAIT-Southern Alberta Institute of Technology :
Module 1 & Module 2 Notes(Study Materials)
Grading Rubric
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