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2. Research Paper 2: Assessment criteria
Length/Limit: Maximum of 10 pages ( 2000 words, 20 marks)
15 minutes presentation ( 10 marks ) 2
Group assignment. DUE WEEK 10
This assignment’s purpose is to perform a written analysis of a real company
that has expanded its operation across borders into foreign/international markets. You may chose a company operating in the country that you studied in Assessment One.
There are two inter-related components of this assignment:
a) Presentation b) Business Report
You will form groups of Four to Five depending upon the numbers in the class.
The company you select needs to be approved by the lecturer by WEEK 7.
For the purposes of this case study you will assume that you are external
consultants who have been brought in by the company’s senior executives to
report on the business’s international growth strategy, identify any issues and
provide quality recommendations for improvement.
Your report must address the following key areas:
• Overview of the company and current operating position
• Review of company’s international competitive strategy
• Existing organisational design structure and control issues
• Entry strategies used to enter other regions/countries
• Operational control, production and distribution/supply chain management
• Management of Human Resources across borders
• Identify key issues or opportunities for management
• Recommendations to management for improvement
You will need to cite material from academic texts or articles or official sources, e.g. government reports, and the final report MUST BE WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN
All reports must contain in-text citation and complete set of references at the end of the paper.
Your report and presentation will be assessed as follows:
Group Presentation ( 10 marks)
Report structure, written presentation
Executive Summary ( 3 marks)
Knowledge of concepts and course material (4 marks)
Investigative and research skills shown (5 marks)
Overall impression of excellence( 5 marks)
Appropriate referencing ( 3 marks)
Written report 20
Presentation 10

There are 3 files

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2697 words including references

Editable Microsoft Word document
Presentation script
Word Count: 1808 words including references

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
Slides Count: 17 slides including Reference slide and speaker notes at the bottom of each slide

Company selected: Unilever
Multinational perspectives no selective perspectives

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