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subject Managerial Accounting.
Company Name - Ausdrill Limited
ASX code - ASL
GICS Industry Group - Materials
Word count : 3000
The guide lines are:
Format of the Report.
a) Table of content , executive summary
b) A brief introduction or over view of what the report is about
c) Body of the report with section to answer the sections required and with appropriate section heading
d) Conclusion
e) List of references
f) Diagram and the tables clearly labelled and explained.
e) Ensure all materials are correctly referenced.
Instructions :
It has to be from the 2018 annual report
You are required to prepare a report to comment on the budgeted income statement for the financial year. The report should cover the followings.
a) An explanation of the elements of the master Budget.
b) A discussion about the comparison of top-down and bottom-up approach to the budget process and analyse which one is more suitable for the company.
c) Based on the 2018 annual report, produce budgeted income statement for 2019 with the following changes:
(i) Sales are projected to grow by 8% and
(ii) Expenses are projected to grow by 2%
d) Present the budgeted income statement for 2019 and Actual income Statement for 2018. Compare the data and provide your opinion on the changes.

Editable Microsoft Word Document

Word Count: 3308 words including References

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