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Background (motivation)
INTRODUCTION (including:
1 - a brief description of the phenomena. This brief (one page) description should lead the reader to an appreciation and understanding of your topic.
2 – what is it that you are doing in this thesis? Methodology (How you are doing it): a brief on research methodology) and what you are expecting as a reasonable outcome of the thesis (ultimately the goal of this research is to develop a framework for researchers who are interested in investigating the Blockchain as a security technology) and
3 – a brief overview of the remaining parts of the Thesis 2).
Brief background of the review:
Goal of review: to propose a general framework for further investion of ?????)
Method of review: I used Google searach or ???? in order to identify papers using keywords; then reviewed the titles and abstracts, and final arrived at a short list of 16 papers for the study
Expectations from the review: to identify existing frameworks for related to the information privacy in wearable healthcare applications/technologies, and to develop an integrated framework for the above purpose
Existing Frameworks: xxxxx
Proposed (Synthesised) Framework: xxx
Discussion of the Proposed Framework: xxx

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