Recent Question/Assignment

l Guideline and Checklist for Final Proposal (A4)
1. Title Page
Choose an interesting title for the report. the title should indicate the nature of problem/research being investigated. If client organisation is used. the name of the organization should be part of the title.
2. Abstract/Executive Summary
Executive summary should provide key information of your research. 1 page is preferably. Provide
summary of :
- The introduction of the research
- The matter being investigated
- The research design and methodology
3. Introduction to the research
This section should give convincing background about the research and why the topic is worth
to research. by providing evidences to support your arguments. Key points to be included in
this section are:
Introduce the topic of the research
Overview of client organization (if any)
What real problem does the research seek to resolve and why is it important to research
this topic
Outline the structure of this proposal.
4. Research problem and research objectives
This section should be straightforward. state the overall research problem and research
objectives based on your brief research plan (A1). revised Al if necessary.
5. Theoretical Background/Literature review
This section is expected to be the extended version of your A3 (structure literature review). therefore. you should not copy paste your A3 into this section. instead you need to use your A3 is a basis to do a comprehensive literature review. Around 6 extra literatures are required (on top of the four articles you used in your A3). Link your literature review back to your research problem.
6. Research Design and Methodology
This section should provide detail plan of research design and research methodology. It
should consist information on:
- Inform and justify the type of research (exploratory. descriptive or causal)
- Inform and justify the research approach (quantitative. qualitative or mixed approach)
- Describe the type of data will be used (primary or secondary data)
- Describe how data will be collected: interview. focus group or observation for qualitative
research. and/or survey and experiment for quantitative research
- Describe and justify the sample: sampling frame, sampling methods and technique,
sampling characteristics and size.
- Inform how the data will be analysed : theme-based analysis for qualitative research and
statistical analysis for quantitative research, or a combination of both for mixed approach)
- Explain how the methodology plan address all ethical concern.
Please note: only provide an overview of YOUR research design and methodology, do not
discuss theory on research methodology.
7. Reference List : Formatted using Harvard (Anglia) style.
8. Appendix : include proposed ethical approval form and informed consent form if relevant