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1) Consider the case of Tengri .

1. Background to the case: Identify the marketing mix of this organisation.
2. Explanation of the case and synthesis with the theory: Consider the product, promotion, distribution and pricing strategy of this organisation.
3. Analysis of the situation: Provide a positioning analysis of the organisation against its competitors.
4. Demonstration of the body of knowledge: Identify, with reference to at least 20 academic journal articles the sustainable marketing principles Tengri is following and whether this strategy is successful or could be improved by following other principles.
Submitting the Assignment
This is an individual report. You should submit using the Moodle submission link for this assignment. Remember that, the report should
• be approximately 2,500 words (maximum 2,750 words)
• use Calibri 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing
• use Harvard referencing, 20 references are expected

Editable Microsoft Word Document

Word Count: 3298 words including References

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