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Small Case Scenario:

Imagine a retail clothing store based in Parramatta. The store has been in operation since 2005 and has grown successfully over the last few years. The main items of the store are:
· A wide variety of Kids clothing
· Ladies’ Apparel catering mainly to corporate female workers
· Mens’ Designer Suits
The store is jointly owned by a Lebanese and a Pakistani migrant who come from professional background and have been running the store in a very modest way. Other staff details are as follows:
Ø Three cashiers,
Ø Three floor Sales representatives and a Marketing Manager,
Ø One Store supervisor,
Ø One Accountant,
Ø One Store keeper
Ø HR Manager who is also a HR Specialist
The owners are now willing to expand the business by pursuing the following strategic goals:
ü Increasing market share by 10%
ü Creating brand awareness
ü Offering online purchasing through introducing secured online ordering options
In order to achieve the above goals, the owners have approached you and asked you to submit the report covering the following areas:

Identify and list down relevant stakeholders to consult and seek advice on the work requirement, performance standards and agreed KPIs.
One of your job roles is to monitor the team performance. While you are monitoring the team performance you have noticed that one of the sales staff’s performance has been dismal over the last 6 months. Arrange a meeting with HR Manager (Your Assessor), who is also a HR specialist, to consult on and to confirm the underperformance of your sales staff.
The documentation evidence requirement for this question is:
ü Email evidence to book appoint with HR Manager for seeking input on staff’s lacklustre performance, JDs, his/her KPIs, work requirements and performance standards.
ü Meeting Minutes which reveals discussion on the items on Agenda.
Based on the information/data obtained from HR Manager on the staff’s poor performance, provide evidence on monitoring the performance in the following manner:
Your Assessor (HR Manager) is going to arrange a 5minute meeting with you to discuss the staff performance based on the data provided.
The documentation evidence requirement for this question is:
ü Email evidence to book the meeting with the underperforming sales staff (Your Assessor)
ü Meeting Minutes which will cover the following areas:
ü Brief analysis of the information provided in the performance matrix
ü Evidence on providing feedback to staff on good and bad performance aspects
ü Evidence of acknowledging the good aspect of the performance
ü Evidence of providing constructive feedback on bad aspects of the performance
ü Complete filled up Work Plan, using the template provided.
ü Complete filled up Coaching Plan, using the template provided.

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