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Procurement Management Plan
I) Planning Procurement
1.1 List the main policies and procedures that are relevant to planning procurement in your organisation.
1.3 Explain the method to plan when to acquire the required products and services to complete the project. Who decides to order them and when? List the documents required as reference. Also, mention the consequences of the early or late arrival of the products or the services.
2.1 You are required to delegate the responsibility of conducting a market analysis for a product or service as required in the project to one of your project team members. Ask him/her to source at least three potential suppliers and then conduct a critique of his/her performance.
In your explanation, please answer the following parts:
a) State the product or the service that was sourced.
b) How well did the team member conduct the supplier analysis? Mention the gaps if any?
c) How could the project team member have performed the analysis better?
III) Planning to procure
3.1 Describe the methods adopted to procure the products and services for a project. List the documents that were prepared to distribute to perspective sellers.
3.2 Discuss the type and the need of the contract selected to procure the product or service for the project.
4.1 Explain the steps involved in the process of planning the contract administration process. Name the person involved in the contract administration planning process from your team.
4.2 Discuss the key performance indicators developed by the project team for the contract. Also, explain the process involved in determining the contractor’s performance throughout the project. List the types of reports required in administering the contract.
V Establishing procurement processes
5.1 What documented procedures do you normally follow in your organisation for:
Going to the market with a request for tender:
Evaluating responses:
Selecting preferred contractors:
Developing key performance indicators for a contract:
Monitoring contractor performance:
Making changes to the procurement management plan:
Conducting reviews of procurement activities:
5.2 What will be the consequences (in relation to the case) if your organisation does not have these documents?
Evaluation Criteria
Key Comments:
Tender selection process
7.1 While interviewing a senior project manager seek the answers for the following questions:
What were the key stages or milestones and the timeframe for the tender? Who was on the tender selection panel and why?
What documentation was involved in the process from the organisation seeking tenders and the tenderers?
What are the important things to consider while running a competitive tender? Mention the pitfalls that need to be avoid.
8.1 Outline the important characteristics of a good contract and mention about the assistance required when writing contracts. What are the common problems that occur during the contract writing process?
8.3 How was the contractor’s performance monitored? Also, state the positivity and the negativity in the contract.

IX Reviewing Contracting and procurement
9.1 Describe the methods used to review the contracting and procurement activities (example procurement audits, review meetings, project team interviews…etc.) .What was the type of project?
9.2 What issues or difficulties were identified in the review process? How satisfactory was the contractor’s performance? Who was involved from the project team in the review process?
9.3 Outline the recommendations made for future contracting and procurement activities.