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Assessment item 1
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Business Presentation on Social Sustainability
Value: 25%
Due Date: 16-Dec-2018
Return Date: 10-Jan-2019
Length: 900 words +/- 10%
Submission method options: Alternative submission method
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You are asked to develop a short report and in-class presentation of no more than 5 minutes to the Board of your company to examine the current state of play on the issues raised in the following case. The case was published in 1993.
Imagine that you are a senior operations manager in a clothing manufacturing and retail company based in a developed country, such as the United States. Your role includes responsibility for international contracts for the manufacturer of the clothing that your company sells into the USA and other developed countries. The Board is well aware of the sensitivity of social sustainability in developing countries and the contribution that big companies from developed countries make. It is less aware of the current situation in regard to regulation and practice.
You have to prepare a short report and presentation on the current situation in social sustainability regulation and practice relating to companies from developed countries that outsource manufacturing to factories in developing countries.
Case study: Third-world families at work: Child labour or child care?
This assessment draws on Topics 1 to 5 of the subject. The report should include the following elements:
A title page
Table of contents
Discussion using appropriate headings
Evaluation of sources that you located independently of the topic content, using the CRAP test (covered in topic1).
You will need to support your argument with at least five academic and professional sources of information.
You must provide clear advice on the current state of play based on evidence and critical thought about the issues raised in the case. Without restricting your independent thought about what to cover, your report might include evidence-based discussion of relevant regulation, codes of practice and studies of corporate practice, as well as points of critique. Be persuasive and informative.
Presentation to a business audience is an important aspect of this assessment, so please use appropriate oral expression.
You will be informed of the day/time of the in-class presentation at the start of the semester.
Online submission of the report via Turnitin is required for this assignment. Details will be provided by your subject lecturer.