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Assessment Description
Length: 900
Your Task:
The assessment does not require an introduction, conclusion or table of contents. Please refer to the marking criteria to assist as a guideline to help you complete the tasks.
You are to research (include referencing) and analyse all of the following 3 questions:
Question 1: from week one’s content:
Applying one communication model to explain the communication process. Explain the model, as well as its barriers in communication and different communication channels.
(300 words worth 10 marks)
Question 2: from week two’s content:
What is emotional intelligence? Give a general overview. Also, briefly explain the five emotional intelligence competencies and then select one competency and explain how developing this competency could improve your performance in the workplace.
(300 words worth 10 marks)
Question 3: from week three’s content:
Explain what effective listening is, as well as the barriers to effective listening and attending skills you could use to improve your communication competence.
(300 words worth 10 marks)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1230 words including References

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