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Whilst on your professional practice placement you are required to select a client with confusion or Dementia to complete an assessment and discharge procedure. You must provide the client with the details of the assessment and obtain their consent. You must complete the following tasks:
• Task 1- one paragraph: Nursing history (must also be observed by the facilitator) (20-30 words)
• Task 2- Physical assessment (must also be observed by the facilitator) (30-50 words)
• Task 3 a) -Develop a care plan identifying three nursing diagnosis (select a client with confusion or Dementia) and three nursing interventions using respectful practices that also support the person’s dignity and privacy (100-200 words)
• Task 3 b) – Explain/reflect (while implementing nursing interventions) how did you Encouraged the person, family or carer to assist with the person’s self-care care as appropriate (20-30 words)
• Task 3 c) – reflect on how you planned and adjusted nursing interventions to assist the person to meet their daily living activities. (20-30 words)
• Task 3 d) – reflect on how did you Identified and prioritised nursing interventions according to the person’s needs (20-30 words)
• Task 3 e)- reflect on how did you monitored, evaluated and documented the person’s response to nursing interventions and their progress toward primary health goals, and reported findings to relevant interdisciplinary health care team (30-60 words)
• Task 4-Admission and discharge plan (30-40 words)
You must contact the facilitator when you are ready to undertake this assessment as they will observe you completed the nursing history and physical assessment. Refer to Tollefson Essential Clinical Skills: Enrolled/Division 2 Nurses manual for the criteria for assessment.
In addition, you are to prepare a report that discusses/includes all following:
• Task 5-Developmental stage through the lifespan of this client (Maximum 40 words)
• Task 6- The impact and issues of hospitalisation for the client (Maximum 30 words)
• Task 7- Age/gender specific health care needs (Maximum 30 words)
• Task 8- Cross cultural issues (maximum 40 words)
• Task 9 - effective decision-making- explain any two effective decisions you made and initiated action based on results of clinical assessment and in collaboration with various members of the interdisciplinary health care team (Maximum 40 words)
• Task 10 – Give one example where you Contributed to health policy in the primary health care environment and participated in health education programs for the person and community groups (Maximum 40 words)
• Task 11 – Explain how and give one example where you analysed health information and the clinical presentation of 1 person in the workplace to reach a substantiated conclusion about possible nursing interventions related to their primary health care needs, in consultation with a registered nurse. (40-50 words)
• Task – 12 – Give 1 example where you reviewed and updated a plan of care for 1 person to address their specific primary health care needs. (40-50 words) For this assessment, you are to submit:
• Health assessment findings (nursing history and physical assessment) = task 1 and task 2
• Care plan and reflective questions = Task 3a to Task 3e
• Admission and discharge plan = Task 4
• Report = Task 5, Task 6, Task 7, Task 8, Task 9, Task 10, Task 11, Task 12.

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Word Count: 844 words including References

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