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Leadership Plan
The task for this assessment is to prepare and present a plan for your development as a leader. The period of your plan 2, 5 or 10 years. (I prefer to choose 5 years). Select the period that makes most sense to you, depending on the current stage of your life and career (Currently a MBA student and finishing in 2020, career plan is to become senior finance manager in 5 years’ time.) Briefly explain the reason for the time period that you have selected.
Your plan needs to be based on or anchored by an established model of personal development. A number of possible models need to be provided. The choice of a model is up to you. But the Whitman GROW model and Boyatzis Intentional Change models are two of the most comprehensive at a personal level so you must use these two models to develop leadership plan. However, other models may be more relevant to your current needs. So you are also need to use another model that meets the tests of academic rigour and usefulness to you.
Provide a brief description of your chose model and a justification for your selection.(So just a brief description about the model and write more how to apply to develop the leadship plan. Don’t write too much theoretically like what this means etc, need to be more practical ways and write how to apply them to develop leadership plan). It is important that you go to the source documents and not rely only on the summary version of your chosen model.
Here are some tips you can use when writing. (Remember following is not a structure so you can apply these factors when developing personal leadership plan)
The keys to learning to be an effective leader are:
• Developing self-awareness;
• Building emotional intelligence;
• Understanding theories and models of effective leadership and applying appropriate learning to your own situation;
• Becoming comfortable with change, complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty;
• Creating a sense of optimism and hope for a better future;
• Building self-confidence and resilience.
The precise structure is up to you. A clear logic flow, using a “Contents” page and section headings, will help your readers to follow your thinking. The use of an “Executive Summary” as a précis or abstract of your report, an “Introduction” to set the context and a “Conclusion” to capture your key learnings is desirable in a business subject. Detailed, supporting information such as psychometric results, planning templates, etc., should be placed in an appendix, where they will not be included in the word count. (to understand my personality qualities I have attached my Gallup survey results so you can identify my personality and you must apply them when developing the leadership plan). Within the body of your report, the model of development that you choose will largely determine the structure and section headings.
You should write in the first person, because this is about YOU, your reflections and your interpretations.
(Please send me the table of contents of what you gonna write first and I will check them and confirm whether it is according to my requirement.)
My Gallup survey results