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Subject: Accounting Theory
Words : 750 words ( except Bibliography / Works cited.)
Due date: November 28,2018
Executive Compensation Assignment:
In this task, you will examine the executive compensation practices of Canadian Western Bank and compare those practices to the concepts discussed in class (please see 2 PowerPoint files). Research information on Canadian Western Bank executive compensation (please see attachment-pdf file). Prepare a report in Microsoft Word that addresses the following tasks.
• Introduction to this task.
• Summarize and provide an overview of Canadian Western Bank executive compensation plan. Include quotations or excerpts from your research, as necessary, to illustrate the executive compensation plan.
• For each major element or component of the compensation plan, identify what risk the element poses to the overall employment contract (if any). What are the benefits of having this element in the employment contract? Is the element effective in aligning the goals of investors and management? Why does your group believe this is effective?
• Identify any elements of the existing compensation plan that your group would like to see changed (e.g. greater or less weighting to a component, removing an element that your group disagrees with, etc.)
• Identify any elements that your group would add to your company’s compensation plan, in order to improve its overall effectiveness.
• Bibliography / Works cited.
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