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A ssessment Brief
Program Bachelor of Business
Subject code MKT304A
Subject name Band and Product Management
Assessment title Assessment 2
Group Brand Project Report (2500 words +/- 20%) and Presentation (15% - 25 minutes).
Group or individual assessment Group
Length 2500 words (+/-10% not including tables) and 25 minute presentation (in either power point, prezi or like)
Learning outcomes addressed d), e), f)
Submission date End of week 10 – report
Week 11 – in class for F2F, Online to be advised
Total marks 180 Marks
Weighting 40%
Assessment Brief:
As a group you are to develop a brand from scratch. It can be a tangible product or an intangible service. Create a mock up/prototype taking into consideration what you have learnt in this subject. Define the target audience and create a profile. Create a promotional plan as to how you would launch it including an appropriate budget for this new brand, timeline and how this campaign would be evaluated. Please review the marking grid.
As a group image you are presenting this new brand to a group of investors. You will need to convince this group to invest.
1. This assignment must be prepared as a group with one group member uploading the document to Blackboard.
2. You should include a reference list for any textbooks, websites or other references you use to prepare your report or presentation.
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Introduction to the new brand and target audience High Distinction
8.5 - 10 Distinction
7.5 - 8.4 Credit 6.5 -7.4 Pass
5 – 6.4 Fail 0 – 4.9
Brand description
Logo and assorted elements
Target Audience description
Total marks /50 marks
Promotional Plan High Distinction
8.5 - 10 Distinction
7.5- 8.4 Credit 6.5 - 7.4 Pass
5 – 6.4 Fail 0 - 4.9
Situation Analysis
Campaign activities
Clear writing style and report structure
Total marks /90 marks
Presentation High Distinction
8.5 - 10 Distinction
7.5 - 8.4 Credit 6.5 – 7.4 Pass
5 – 6.4 Fail 0 - 4.9
Power point or like Layout
Flow of presentation
Evidence of teamwork
Personal presentation Mark
Total marks /40 marks
Total assessment marks /180 marks
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