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Business Report Assignment (2000 words)
Implementing a digital communication strategy using Intranet for employee interaction in Quintiles
You must use the following headings and the structure. (The chosen company is Quintiles.)
1. Introduction
2. Implementing a digital communication strategy in Quintiles using Intranet
2.1 Cost, Time, Labor
2.2 Assigning roles and responsibilities
2.3 Staff training process
2.4 Conduct user acceptance testing
2.5 Monitor and measure results
3. How internal intranet and social intranet can drive the cultural change
4. How Intranet impacts the participation as well as engagement of the employees.
5. How the employee engagement if not implemented properly, how can impact the bottom line
6. Impact of intranet on various functions and activities in Quintiles
6.1 Impact on the decision-making process,
6.2. Impact of the Communication process
6.3. Impact of the Collaboration.
7. Digital communication strategies to enhance employee interaction with the help of intranet
8. Conclusion
9. Recommendations
10. References
(Please note that simple explanation would be sufficient to number 2 section, and give more priority on writing section 3 to 7 and recommendations sections.)