Recent Question/Assignment

Submission: Essay to be uploaded to vUWS together with a copy of the completed cover sheet available on vUWS (go to the Assessment tab and download Assignment Cover Sheet).
Format: 3,000 word essay
Length: Not specified
Curriculum Mode: Critical Review
Critical review of the literature on ONE emerging or re-emerging communicable disease threat (choose from list
below); should include role of agent, host and environmental factors, potential policy responses.
— Zika Virus
— MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)
— Ebola
— MDR/XDR Tuberculosis
Marking Criteria:
Criteria and Standards:
1. Choose essay topic from the list provided.
2. Start your research.
3. The list of suggested sources is a
— Academic: Library books and journals. Library databases (available via Library e-resources. Library web links (provided via the Library and the vUWS site).
— Institutional: Websites associated with various organisations, e.g. NSW Health, the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.
— Sites such as blogs and Wikipedia are not
4. Lay out your approach to the topic. Keep in mind that there is no one way in structuring an essay, but make sure that you identify the key focus point(s) and keep referring back to them during the writing process.
5. Keep in mind that a good essay contains both a description of the topic/focus and a critical discussion on that topic (the critical discussion should include empirical examples).
6. Take a good look at the Marking Guide below.