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Since this is 35% of our total marks we want you to do it very properly being around the content .For this assignment , it is must to watch those videos and we have provided link below. The entire disaster is explained in the videos and please consider all those triage, treatment and evacuation aspects properly . References should be atleast 10. In part 2, the disaster response in regard to professional role would be public health officer.
I need it by October 31 by 11 am
Format: 1500 words ±10% excluding references
- 750 word Reflection of the simulation event ±10% excluding references
- 750 word Discussion linking disaster response to professional role ±10% excluding references
This task provides students with an opportunity to witness a disaster preparedness training simulation enacted by the Paramedicine department. This allows students to experience first-hand some of the many complexities that arise from a mass-casualty incident response scenario.
Length: 1500 words
Curriculum Mode: Reflection
In week 12, students will be required to travel to an alternate location to view the mass-casualty simulation scenario
enacted by the third-year Western Sydney University Paramedicine students. Online students will be provided
the opportunity to either travel to the location to view the simulation or review a recording of the simulation during
their scheduled tutorial session. Students from the Disaster and Surveillance Unit will be briefed of the scenario by their tutor prior the start of the event. A debriefing will also occur immediately following the conclusion of the event.
Part 1: Reflective writing
Provide a critical analysis of the disaster simulation event. This should include some discussion as to what type
of disaster was witnessed, the causes that contributed to the event, whether it was environmental or man-made, environmental factors, stakeholders involved, etc.
Reflect on initial chaos of the disaster event. How was this managed and brought under control by the emergency
response personnel (triage, treatment, evacuation, managing emotional responses from those involved, etc)? Was
this plan well executed or appropriate for this event? If not, what should have been done differently? Using APA referencing style, support your discussion using evidence from existing literature.
Consider the Incident Commander and areas of operation throughout this scenario. What areas of operation were
established during the event? What was the response plan for this event? Was this plan appropriate for this type of
disaster? If not, what should have been done differently? What other aspects of disaster response planning should be
considered for this type of disaster event (resource management, psychological first-aid, animal welfare, etc.)? Using
APA referencing style, support your discussion using evidence from existing literature.
Part 2: Disaster response in regard to professional role:
Consider your role within the health profession that you are studying (i.e. Public Health, Health Services Management,
etc.) Define your role as a health professional in relation to this scenario. discuss what your response would
be to this event and how you might manage this within your professional role. Detail your plan as though you were
overseeing command for your professional body in this event. Using APA referencing style, support your discussion using evidence from existing literature.
Your assignment will be assessed on the following:
– Critical analysis of the disaster event
– Critical analysis of the disaster response
– Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the response
– Linkage of disaster response to professional role
– Writing and formatting
– Referencing

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2130 words including References

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