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Assessment 2
Part A – Review an Existing Stakeholder Engagement Plan (1,000 words)
You will need to source a stakeholder engagement plan, preferably from your current workplace. Review the plan and assess it against the content provided to date and supplement with any further research to support your assessment.
Respond to these key issues;
o What are the key requirements of a Stakeholder Engagement Plan?
o Does the Plan that you have reviewed meet this requirements? (How? / how not?)
o Was the plan effective? (or will it be?)
o Recommend improvements
Part B – Design an Interagency Collaboration (1,000 words)
The interagency collaboration you design should ideally be related to your current occupation and involve multiple agencies acting at different ‘levels’ (e.g. Utilities (operations, management, and senior management), Government, Non-government etc).You should relate the activity back to the definition of collaboration in the week 3 My Content; “Collaboration is a process that involves two or more stakeholders, who pool their resources and appreciations to jointly make decisions about a set of problems” (adapted from Gray 1985:912 by Kelly 2011).
For private sector Interagency Collaboration, consider Co-opetition such as contribution to or development of Industry Standards.It is OK to base your design on an existing collaboration that you are already aware of or participate in, but be sure to either;
o Start from scratch in the design and pretend the activity does not already exist.
o Improve upon any existing documents which describe the collaboration, or
o Design a way of extending the activity into other areas
Respond to these key issues;
o With whom are you collaborating and why?
o What are the key considerations in forming a Collaboration?
o How have you incorporated this into the Design of your Collaboration?
o Consider risks and unknowns, how will you approach these

Marking Guide
Part A
Novice Competent Proficient
Summary of existing plan Points Range:0 (0%) - 2 (13.33%)
No clear sense of what the reference SEP was about Points Range:2 (13.33%) - 3 (20%)
Good representation of the SEP provided Points Range:3 (20%) - 4 (26.67%)
Student clearly articulates the situation that is being discussed in the SEP
Understanding of theory Points Range:0 (0%) - 2 (13.33%)
Student shows a basic grasp of theory (what should comprise a SEP) Points Range:2 (13.33%) - 3 (20%)
Student demonstrates a good understanding of theory Points Range:3 (20%) - 4 (26.67%)
Student concisely and accurately summarises the theory presented
Demonstrates Critical Judgement Points Range:0 (0%) - 2 (13.33%)
Student demonstrates and attempt to weigh up evidence to support their answer Points Range:2 (13.33%) - 3 (20%)
Student clearly understood the evidence the supports their answer Points Range:3 (20%) - 4 (26.67%)
Student has collected, weighed up, organised and present the evidence that supports their answer coherently and logically
Use of additional source material (referencing) Points Range:0 (0%) - 1 (6.67%)
One additional reference Points Range:1 (6.67%) - 2 (13.33%)
Two additional references Points Range:2 (13.33%) - 3 (20%)
Student incorporates three additional references into the critical review

Part B
Novice Competent Proficient
Collaborative Design Points Range:0 (0%) - 3 (20%)
Limited description of the purpose and function of the collaboration Points Range:33333qwe 3 (20%) - 5 (33%)
Good description of the purpose and function of the collaboration Points Range:55 5 (33%) - 8 (53%)
Comprehensive description of the purpose and function of the
Discussion Points Range: 0 (0%) - 3 (20%)
Student doesn't address the key issues Points Range: 3 (20%) - 5 (33%)
Student responds to some of the key issues or all the key issues in a limited
way Points Range:5 5 (33%) - 7 (47%)
Student comprehensively response
to the key issues

Part A
Item Detail
Due Points Range
End of Week 3
Marks onts Range: 15
Format onts Range: Critical Review (see SCU Quick Guide 'writing a critical review')
Word Count oints Range:
1,000 words
Part B
Item Detail
Due End of Week 3
Marks ontsRange: 15
Format ontsRange: Non-standard.
1-3 Pages for MOU/ToR of the Collaboration,
Plus approximately 500 words responding to the key issues
Word Count ointsRange:
Approximately 1,000 words

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