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Edith Cowan University
School of Engineering
Design and Development
Major Assignment (Design & Build Project)
Mousetrap Powered Tower Drop Competition
Report Due Date: 9:00am 29th October 2018
Report Submission: Hardcopy, with completed ECU coversheet
Project Presentation: 1:30-3:30 1st November 2018
Device Test: During the final lecture of semester
Note: Peer and self assessment will be considered during marking
The major assignment is to design and build a mousetrap powered device that can collect a ping pong ball located on a perch part way up a pipe and then drop the ping pong ball down the center of the pipe at the top.
The device must start on the ground at the base of the pipe and below the perch (see the illustration below). The device must ONLY be powered by an unmodified, single, off-the-shelf, snap-style mousetrap (supplied but lecturer). The vehicle must be purely passive, with no electronics or any other power sources other than the mousetrap. The device must fit within a 200mm x 200mm x 200mm envelope prior to activation, and the only device activation is releasing the mousetrap with a single-action.
Marks will be assigned to performance, based on the rubric provided in the performance section of this assignment sheet.
Please note the following:
• A single mousetrap will be supplied to each group
• No modifications to the mousetrap spring are permitted
• The mousetrap spring is the ONLY power source for your device (i.e. no electrical power sources, no counterweights, etc.)
• The device must start on the ground at the base of the pipe and below the perch
• The device must fit within a 200mm x 200mm x 200mm cube prior to activation
• Only a single action can start your device
• No rigid fastening to the pipe is permitted (i.e. gluing, bolting, clamping, etc.)
• The device test will be completed in the final lecture, with only one run per group. Therefore, please ensure your device is well tested prior to the device test day.
3. Project quality [10%]: Project quality mark is based on the overall report quality, such as grammar, referencing, presentation, etc.
4. Presentation [5%]: 5 minute (only) presentation during the final lecture of your group’s Mousetrap Powered Elevator design.
I. Failing to attempt to collect ball is considered an incomplete device
II. This is a group project to be completed with groups of 4 students (to be selected by students); please be sure that all students print their name on the coversheet with accompanying signature in order to receive a grade for the assignment.
III. The written component of the entire design document should not exceed 40 pages, any content beyond this page limit will not be considered in the mark. This page limit excludes figures, SolidWorks illustrations, calculations and other non-text material.
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