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It's a group task here is the brief and criteria.
We all have horror stories of appalling service encounters where we have felt that surely it cannot be that difficult to provide ‘better’ service. Situations where we wanted to tell them just how to improve on what they are doing. Tell them exactly how to provide the perfect service encounter. An encounter that is truly a ‘moment of delight’. This assignment offers you just this opportunity. Using the principles and tools of service design thinking you are required to undertake the basic process of service design thinking to improve on an existing service.
Using the seven-step basic service design thinking process and the related design tools you are required to improve on your selected service and detail this in a 2,000 word report.
First identify a service that you think needs improvement. Provide a short description. Identify the problem in reference to theory.
Research the service and problem.
Including what users think and feel about the existing service.
Desk research – what can you find out about your issue
Define target markets and user personas.
Building personas
Building empathy with your personas
Brainstorm solutions.
Ideas generation
Filtering ideas
Building a solution
Develop and test low- fi prototype (you do not need to produce your solution; you need to have thought it through in sufficient detail to be able to explain your idea to users in order to complete the next step).
Test with users
Obtain feedback
Modify prototype taking into account the feedback you have received and your own ideas about
Test and evaluate hi-fi prototype (more detailed concept as close to the actual solution you propose as possible).
Test with users
Obtain feedback
Modify prototype taking into account the feedback you have received and your own ideas about what is feasible and appropriate
Design a better service. With reference to academic research justify why this is an improvement.
Your report must document the initial service issue, each step in the process of design thinking undertaken and the solution. Your submission must include a photo essay that documents each stage of your design process (for e.g. take photos documenting the issue, include images that provided the inspiration for the solution, present the results of your research visually). Include the images throughout the report to enhance your analysis and substantiate your arguments.
You will be required to prepare a 3-minute presentation in the Week 11 tutorial to “sell” your idea to the audience. This will form part of step 6 of the service design thinking process and will enable your group to gain feedback from the lecturer and the audience that will help you refine your final report. All group members are not required to present, but all must attend the class.
Copies of the tools used (for e.g. survey questions & responses) must be included as appendices (note the appendices are not included in the word count)
Some reading: Miettinen, S, Rontti, S, Kuure, E & Lindstrom, A 2012, ‘Realising design thinking through a service design process and an innovative prototyping laboratory – Introducing Service Innovation Corner (SINCO)’, DRS 2012 Bangkok, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Thailand, viewed 28 June 2016, This document can be viewed on vUWS.
My segment is part 4: brainstorm solutions. Should be 300 words.
Our topic is focused on improving the service at oportos and shortening service time.
Here are some documents to help but my part is only brainstorming solutions where I've made some points already and want you to improve and elaborate. You can include new points where you think it'll be better.
I have an online text book which can help at