Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2: Research report
Assessment Type: Critical analysis of destination image
Word Limit: 1,600 words
Due date: Week 8 before Friday at 11pm
Destinations attract visitors based on their reputations and perceived images. These are managed by destination marketing campaigns distributed through various media such as television, online and print advertisements, product placement and film locations. They may also emerge organically from news reports, travel writers and word of mouth testimonials from returned visitors. Sometimes, these managed and organic destination images may vary in accuracy as representations of destination identities.
In this assessment, you are required to select a tourism destination for analysis. This could be a country, region or city.
Using a range of media resources (books, brochures, advertisements, movies, online videos and writings), create a written profile of your chosen destination by comparing its destination image as represented by at least four (4) different resources.
Based on this profile, determine the target audience of your chosen destination. Making reasoned inferences based on the destination profile you have created, and describe the demographic, economic, lifestyle profile of the destination’s target audience.
This research report should comprise three parts:
1. a) Provide a brief overview to the chosen destination (minimally, you should describe its geographic location, accessibility, population).
2. b) A destination profile based on information gathered from a range of resources.
3. c) An inferred visitor target audience based on the destination profile.
You should make use of your own research on a variety of media and resources to inform this research report.