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Vision, Mission, and Core Values
To remain focused on your goal to obtain an Educational Specialist Degree in Leadership, you need to be well-grounded in your educational philosophy. As a scholar-practitioner, you should clarify your vision, mission, and core values and how they align to what you consider as the ideal qualities of a researcher. These become the driving forces unique to you that will help make you successful in this program.
Compose a paper to clarify your vision, mission, and core values and align them to your ideal researcher qualities. For example, researchers are required to be detailed, innovative, and resourceful. What other qualities are important to you as a researcher? How do these align to your vision, mission, and core values in your teaching profession?
This paper should identify the driving forces that are unique to you. In addition, compose a well-written paragraph providing your justification as to why these driving forces are particularly meaningful to you in relation to your program of study.
This composition needs to be formatted according to APA 6th edition with a title page and references page(s) to support your statements. The word count for this submission, not including the title page and references, is at least 2000 words; not to exceed 2500 words.
Educational Specialist in Leadership Program Outcomes
All students will:
1. Collaborate in diverse communities of learning and build partnerships with states, school districts, or other organizations. IV
2. Contribute to solutions for complex problems of practice with actions based upon theory, standards, and frameworks. VII
3. Analyze and promote best practices in leadership. III, VII
4. Demonstrate evidence-based decision-making, integrating principles of equity, ethics, and social justice of civic concern in local and global communities. III
5. Develop and implement personal- and organization-level knowledge and skills including technology. I
6. Demonstrate mastery of content knowledge through the utilization of critical and creative thinking. I
7. Demonstrate competence in the application of multiple research methods. VI
8. Contribute to professional knowledge bases through the dissemination of applied research. IV
Assignment Rubric (100 Points)
30.0 pts – Writing Style
Evidenced scholarly quality: Includes paragraph transitions. Appropriate tone. Range in sentence structure. Correct use of punctuation and capitalization. Appropriate use of grammar.
25.0 pts – Critical Thinking and Independent Thought
Demonstrates new thought: Understands central concept(s). Identifies salient arguments. Thoughtfully evaluates major alternative points of view. Appropriate synthesis of literature. Addresses all of the prompts in a thorough manner.
20.0 pts – Evidence-Based Theory and Practice
Demonstrates confident understanding of subject matter: Application to professional practice. Uses sufficient peer-reviewed/scholarly sources. Documents sources to support research assertions.
15.0 pts– Relevance and Leadership
Connects learning to the profession and personal experience: Analyzes implications for the institution, the larger context, and personal professional growth. Demonstrates best practices in leadership. Communicates the importance of vision and mission. Demonstrates value for organizational success.
10.0 pts – APA Format
Followed APA guidelines: Includes title page, body (headings/subheadings) reference page, tables, and appendices. APA citations with no more than minor errors such as including first initials, using “and” rather than “&” in a parenthetical citation, and using et al. in the first citation with 3-5 author. APA references with no more than minor errors such as too many caps in titles, book/journal titles not in italics, no page numbers for articles, or the year misplaced. Put exact words of authors in quotation marks with name, year, and page number included. Minimum number of professional sources cited.