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After reviewing the MIT reading (attached) on value added, share a graphic depiction of the value you expect to be added from your Educational Specialist in leadership studies. You should develop your own graphic image plus narrative.
• What value do you expect to be added from your pursuit and achievement of this degree?
• What changes do you need to make to be successful in accomplishing your academic goals?
Assignment Guidelines
• You must include information from a professional, scholarly source that is cited in APA style and a complete bibliographic entry in APA style at the conclusion of the post. A website can be cited (with a URL) but does not count as the outside article unless it is clearly an entire website that uses peer-review. This permits use of an online scholarly journal, for example, that does not have a print version. But a website such as Wikipedia would not qualify because, while edited and vetted (to a degree), it is not a refereed source.
Calvo, M. G., & Lang, P. J. (2004). Gaze patterns when looking at emotional pictures: Motivationally biased attention. Motivation and Emotion, 28(3), 221-243. doi:10.1023/B%3AMOEM.0000040153.26156.ed
1. When posting, double-spacing, hanging indents, and italics ARE REQUIRED in your submitted assignments in Word documents and similar file types.
2. The Web has many resources about APA; confirm that a source is referencing the 6th edition. The APA Web site itself offers free tutorials, each of about 20 minutes:
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