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2.5.5 Ethical and Professional Conduct Report
Weight: 25%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: Saturday, 13 October (Week 11), 11.59 pm.
Submission: Submit your assessment via turnittin on vUWS, Saturday, 13 October, 11.59 pm.
Format: Maximum length of report is 4000 words. Variation of 5% is excepted. For further instruction check instructions written on the assessment sheet. Submit your assessment as a Word file. Use Arial font, font size 11 and spacing of 1.5 lines to prepare your assessment. Provide inline referencing with Western Sydney Harvard Style referencing format for all material sourced and interpreted.
Length: 4000 words
Curriculum Mode: Report
— Select a case study by week 6/7 related to ICT or Engineering sector, reported because it discusses an ethics, and professional conduct or both related issues.
— Research and analyse selected case study and write a report.
— Details about report will be discussed in the class and will be available on vUWS.
Refer Internet for the selection of case studies relevant to ethics and professional code of conducts used in IT and/or
Engineering eld. Use Internet resources, lecture material and books for the preparation of your assessment.