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Description: Written Report
The purpose of this final assessment task to draw together your learning throughout the course and to demonstrate in the report how you will apply your knowledge and skills. This task gives you the opportunity to consider how a positive contribution can be made in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable development goals. This is consistent with the UN's Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME): -Business and management schools play a key role in shaping the skills and mindsets of future business leaders, and can be powerful drivers of corporate sustainability.- [see:]
There is a wide range of contexts for you to choose from. It is suggested you chose a goal that aligns best with your career endeavours.
It is our hope that one day you will be in a position to participate in business at all levels of management and specifically at the level of strategic managers and board of directors.
Report is to be done individually. It is required to be a minimum of 2500 words.
To ensure the correct formatting of the report, students must complete and submit the Style Guide checklist. Read these closely and apply it. The checklist is an interactive PDF.
This document does not require an Executive Summary, Authorisation, Scope or Limitations sections.
It is required that students submit the written report and that it is written to an acceptable University standard of English.
Download attached document for details on assessment task and marking criteria