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Module 1 Discussion
SWOT Analysis
Review the Program Outcomes for the Educational Specialist in Leadership below. Develop a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of your current knowledge and skills in meeting these outcomes. How will an analysis of program outcomes help you revise your personal and professional goal statements as a teacher?
Discussion Guidelines
• Write 2 full pages (double-space), which must include information from 3 professionals, scholarly sources that are cited in APA style and a complete bibliographic entry in APA style at the conclusion of the post. A website can be cited (with a URL) but does not count as the outside article unless it is clearly an entire website that uses peer-review. This permits use of an online scholarly journal, for example, that does not have a print version. But a website such as Wikipedia would not qualify because, while edited and vetted (to a degree), it is not a refereed source.
• APA citations are required
Calvo, M. G., & Lang, P. J. (2004). Gaze patterns when looking at emotional pictures: Motivationally biased attention. Motivation and Emotion, 28(3), 221-243. doi:10.1023/B%3AMOEM.0000040153.26156.ed
1. When posting, double-spacing, hanging indents, and italics ARE REQUIRED in your submitted assignments in Word documents and similar file types.
2. The Web has many resources about APA; confirm that a source is referencing the 6th edition. The APA Web site itself offers free tutorials, each of about 20 minutes:
Educational Specialist in Leadership Program Outcomes
All students will:
1. Collaborate in diverse communities of learning and build partnerships with states, school districts, or other organizations. IV
2. Contribute to solutions for complex problems of practice with actions based upon theory, standards, and frameworks. VII
3. Analyze and promote best practices in leadership. III, VII
4. Demonstrate evidence-based decision-making, integrating principles of equity, ethics, and social justice of civic concern in local and global communities. III
5. Develop and implement personal- and organization-level knowledge and skills including technology. I
6. Demonstrate mastery of content knowledge through the utilization of critical and creative thinking. I
7. Demonstrate competence in the application of multiple research methods. VI
8. Contribute to professional knowledge bases through the dissemination of applied research. IV

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