Recent Question/Assignment

As you will soon be professionals you should be able to properly format a document. Consider this an opportunity to present information as you would in a professional report. Not only does it look impressive but it makes it easier for the reader. A suggested format is:
• Font size 12pt in Times New Roman or 10pt in Arial
• Text should be justified, ie. have straight edges on both sides of the page (like this document)
• Margins 2.5cm on both left and right sides and 2 cm top and bottom of the page
• Page Numbers on each page. Preferably on the bottom right hand side of the page.
Paragraphs at least 6 pts spacing before and after(5) Originality
Some evidence of an original or ‘fresh’ approach will be given credit. Try to think beyond the obvious answers. For example, in choosing case studies, try to find ones that are not the ‘standard’ ones. Local examples are particularly meritorious.
ENVI 1038/1199 Environmental Studies
Hazardous Wastes Unit due date: Sunday Week 12
Total length should be about 1600 words. You must reference any sources consulted. This assignment is worth 30% of the total marks for this unit.
Assignment 3 Choose an example of a contaminated site (can be local or overseas). For this site discuss:-
• How the site became contaminated
• What problems the contamination caused
• What remediation methods have been tried
• How successful were the methods?
• What alternative treatments could have been used?
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