Recent Question/Assignment

As you will soon be professionals you should be able to properly format a document. Consider this an opportunity to present information as you would in a professional report. Not only does it look impressive but it makes it easier for the reader. A suggested format is:
• Font size 12pt in Times New Roman or 10pt in Arial
• Text should be justified, ie. have straight edges on both sides of the page (like this document)
• Margins 2.5cm on both left and right sides and 2 cm top and bottom of the page
• Page Numbers on each page. Preferably on the bottom right hand side of the page.
Paragraphs at least 6 pts spacing before and after(5) Originality
Some evidence of an original or ‘fresh’ approach will be given credit. Try to think beyond the obvious answers. For example, in choosing case studies, try to find ones that are not the ‘standard’ ones. Local examples are particularly meritorious.
ENVI 1038 Agriculture and the Environment Unit
Second Assignment
Answer one of the following questions (see note below). Total length of your answer should be about 2000 words. Submit this assignment electronically via Blackboard. This assignment is worth 40% of the final assessment for this unit.
Question 1
Briefly describe one of the following soil problems (both natural and induced) and its main causes.
• Acidification
• Sodification
For the selected soil problem where it is a result of agricultural or other land use activities discuss:
• the environmental effects of the problem
• measures that can be implemented to remediate land affected by the problem
Question 2
Sustainability in contemporary agriculture means ensuring that biodiversity is maintained and enhanced and that ecological processes continue. In 1991 the Federal Government Working Group on Sustainable Agriculture defined ‘sustainable agriculture ‘ as:
‘ the use of farming practices and systems which maintain or enhance
• the economic viability of agricultural production
• the natural resource base (including air, soil, water, plants and animals)
• other ecosystems that are influenced buy agricultural activities.
Discuss measures that can be implemented to ensure sustainability in agricultural production in one Victorian agricultural activity.
Question 3
Biosolids generated by wastewater treatment facilities have great potential for use as fertiliser supplements and soil amelioration agents. Briefly discuss the application of solid organic wastes to Australian Agricultural soils including in your answer:
• factors that determine the potential of a particular waste to improve soil fertility
• the potential positive and negative effects on soil properties of applying organic wastes

You may choose to focus your answer on one particular waste stream ( eg food processing waste)
Question 4
Briefly outline the major environmental consequences of irrigated agricultural activities, including in your response:
• The particular agricultural practices that cause the problem
• the environmental effects of the problem
• measures that can be implemented to remediate land affected by the problem
Question 5
Discuss a major type of erosion that occurs in Australia including in your answer:
• the cause and environmental impact of the erosion
• the major measures that can be undertaken to prevent or reduce the erosion
Question 6
Explain what ‘eutrophication’ is , what are its causes and how does it affect the environment. What measures can be taken to avoid it?