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COSC 6310 Project 2
A Multimedia Web Presentation
This is an individual project. In this project, you will develop a multimedia Web presentation. The topic can be your hobbies, travels, or a theme of family reunion, school/college reunion, a birthday party presentation, etc.. If you have an idea of a topic but not sure, you are welcome to discuss with me. At the end of this project, you should be familiar with the production process by using recording instruments, software programs, such as Windows Movie Maker/Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Web development software. The following
are a simple tutorial to make a video slide show using Windows Movie Maker, and a tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro basics by Dan Stevers .
Your grade may be partially based on the quality of the techniques and contents. Merely providing the minimal components may not guarantee a perfect score.
• Capture several digital video clips related to your topic using a digital camcorder.
• Find your choice of music, in the format of WAV, MP3, etc..
• Bring each video clip into Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere (should come with accompanying audio, if there). Use the timeline to edit the videos. Cut out unwanted sections, and add your music track in the background (so you can have yourself speaking at times with the music in the background).
• Develop a multimedia Website with text, still images and video elements. It is optional to deploy the Website with some free Web hosting service.
What to submit:
A short report in PDF or Word, describing what you have done and what you have learned in this project. If you have deployed the Website online, include the URL of your Website in your report.
If you have your Website local, submit the zipped folder of your Website with all the source files and resource files included so that the Website can be viewed offline with a Web browser.