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GBU100 — Professional Business Communications Term 2, 2018
Group Assignment
Polytechnic Institute Australia Page 12 of 18
You are required to demonstrate your understanding of the principles of effective business communication explored throughout the unit.
Task description:
Task length:
Link to unit's learning outcomes:
Report: 1500 - 2000 words
Presentation: 10 minutes
See learning outcomes on page 5
Report (30%) - Week 13, Monday 18 June 2018 at 8am Presentation (20%) - Weeks,10, 11 and 12 in class
Due date:
Report: Select two companies listed on Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) from a list to be provided in class and prepare a business report based on the company's latest annual report. You are preparing the report for potential investors.
The structure must include the following:
1. Signed and dated PIA Cover Sheet including all group members
2. Table of Contents
3. Executive Summary
4. Introduction (background of the selected companies, and aims and scope of this report)
5. Discussions
- describe each business;
- compare and contrast the nature of the communications (communication concepts and theories loomed in this unit);
- identify what types of communication worked and what did not with the selected companies, and
- explain why the communication enhanced or damaged the selected companies.
6. Recommendation
7. References (In-text references must also be orovided. )
Submission: Through on the Turnitin link on MyPia.
PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) slides: Brief review of your research on the selected companies.
The structure of the PPT slides includes:
1. Cover page (group name, group members — student IDs and names, selected companies, unit code and name, and term
2. Outline (of the presentation)
3. Introduction (background , the selected companies, and aims and scope of this presentation)
4. Discussions — all points indicated in your group report must be included. You can have more than one slide for this section.
5. Conclusion
6. References (at least 7 academic journal articles should be used.) In-text references nnust also be provided.
Note: All group members are required to present, and each member will be assessed individually.

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