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Task 1:
Under sec 300A of the Corporations Act 2001, listed companies must present a remuneration report to shareholders at every annual general meeting showing the board's policies for determining the nature and amount of remuneration paid to key management personnel (which includes any director), the relationship between the policies and company performance, an explanation of performance hurdles and actual remuneration paid to key management personnel.
For your chosen company, how are executives and managers paid? Based on the financial performance of the company, do you feel that executives are rewarded according to their performance? If so, what indicators are taken into account? Do you consider that executive remuneration is on the whole, reasonable? Explain your answer, citing examples.
Task 2:
Briefly explain how the balanced scorecard could be used by your company to monitor managerial and divisional performance. Develop a balanced scorecard for your company, clearly identifying the four Objectives, and for each, some Lag Indicators and Lead Indicators. In your own words, outline the events leading up to the global financial crisis and its effects.
Task 3:
For the industry your company is a part of, what issues of social and/or environmental performance do you feel are most important? In your answer, include at least three issues and state why you consider them to be of importance. How does your chosen company report on its social and environmental performance? Include some quotes from the sustainability report prepared by your company. Do you feel that enough information is being provided in this area?

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The company name is IAG

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