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Term 2 2018
Assessment 2: Strategic Plan and Presentation guideline
Weight: 60%
Length: 2500 words (max)
Due week: Week 12
Due date and time: 05th October, 2018 (Friday); 11:45PM AEST
Assessment Task:
Assessment 2 is about formulating future strategic plan (maximum 2500 words) for a company. You will have to choose one company from the five options listed for this assessment (see below).
1. Holden
2. Lorna Jane
3. Stan
4. The Smith Family
5. Your choice of a company (this option needs unit coordinator's approval)
For students enrolled in the local campuses: This assessment will be a team effort. Your campus lecturer/tutor will help organise you in a team of 3 members by Week 4. The objectives of the team-based assessment are to enable you to develop your communication and interpersonal skills, achieve cross-cultural understanding, strengthen your critical and rational thinking abilities and learning and enjoy different perspectives on the same topic. You are to select a team leader for your group. Your group is required to prepare PowerPoint slides (12 slides maximum) with voiceover (6 minutes maximum) in addition to the written report. Only one person from each group is required to submit both the report and the presentation through Assessment 2 submission link in Moodle. For hints on how to convert a PowerPoint slide to a presentation with voice over, please view the link given. Adding Voice Over to PowerPoint Presentations in 5 Easy
Penalties apply for exceeding word limit (1% mark will be deducted from the total mark for Assessment 2 for every 100 words over the allowed 2500 words limit)
Penalties apply for late submission (5% mark will be deducted from the total mark for Assessment 2 per day unless an approved extension has been granted)
Submission checklist for Assessment 2:
Cover page with name(s) and ID(s) (use the cover page provided in Moodle)
1.5 line spacing and 12 size font in Times New Roman
Maximum of 2500 (+10%) words
The written report should be submitted in .doc or .docx format
The PowerPoint presentation with voice-over should be submitted in .ppt or .pptx
Note that if you are using Mac, you may need to change to the acceptable format
before final submission.
Submit both files online through Assessment 2 submission link in Moodle. Only
person needs to submit if working in group. Please inform the unit coordinator if you
are working in a group.
Suggested report format for assessment 2
1. Title page with all group member names and student IDs (use the cover page provided in Moodle)
2. Executive summary (not more than one page)
3. Table of contents
4. Brief introduction to the company
5. External audit
Analysis of Porter's Five Forces Model of the industry
Identify three (3) primary key success factors (KSFs) for the industry
6. Internal audit
Value chain analysis