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Assignment 3: Team Leadership Blog
The purpose of this task is to encourage students to expand their thinking through reading and sharing of their ideas in a web 2.0 format used by many project managers.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage Value of Task: 20% (30 marks)
Due: Week 11 – Friday, September 28th, 2018 at 4:00 pm
Minimum time expectation: Preparation for this task will take approximately 20 hours
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
K5. Research and critique current and future issues in IT project management in a global context.
S2. Demonstrate theoretical and practical implementation of leadership, team building, and performance management approaches for IT projects.
S3. Utilise decision making and problem solving approaches to resolve and pre-empt range of problems on IT projects.
A1. Construct written and verbal approaches to developing and presenting IT project documentation.
Assessment Details
A blog is a discussion or informational site published on the web consisting of regular entries or posts in chronological order. A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites. Many blogs focus on a particular topic; team blogs will focus on an area of project management leadership.
Blogs are useful for first time and experienced project managers, and are widely used in the industry. The purpose of your project management leadership blog is to share the results of your research and investigations with other members of your team, and gather their feedback regarding your thoughts and ideas.
For some examples project management blogs see:
Students are required to work in a team (three to 5 members). Each individual student is required to select a journal article on some area of project management leadership related to the course, or extending the course ideas, and write a blog reviewing the journal article, providing a critique of the ideas including conclusions and lessons learned (approximately 1000 words). The review should be supported by references from literature, demonstrating wider reading and critical thinking.
Each team member's blog will be reviewed by the other team members (approximately 100-150 words per review). Each team member will be required to review two other team member’s blogs.
Each team will submit the aggregated blogs, articles and team members' reviews. Team blogs maybe created in Word, in Moodle or some other forum.
NOTE: Each student should confirm the appropriateness of their journal article with the course lecturer and/or tutor completing this assignment. A list of suggested topic areas is provided below:
• history of project management
• leadership and power
• project selection methods
• project scope management
• estimate activity durations
• estimate costs
• managing project teams
• models of change
• sources of conflict
• project control
Academic Presentation
Blogs should be presented in accordance with:
• General Guide to Referencing:
• General Guide to Writing and Study Skills:, see p.36.
For Mt Helen students a blog will be created for your team in moodle (check with your course lecturer). The blog will be marked within the Moodle shell. Partner students please check with your course lecturer.
Marking Criteria/Rubric
Marking Scale
Poor Excellent
1 ....................... 5
team – submission of aggregated blogs 0
individual – quality of discussion review of article 0
individual – quality of conclusions and lessons learned 0
individual – evidence of research 0
individual – copy of journal article 0
individual – reviews of other student’s blogs conducted and included 0
Total Mark [30 marks] 30.0
Total Worth [20%] 20.0
Feedback and marks will be provided in Moodle. Marks will also be available in FDL Marks.
Plagiarism is the presentation of the expressed thought or work of another person as though it is one's own without properly acknowledging that person. You must not allow other students to copy your work and must take care to safeguard against this happening. More information about the plagiarism policy and procedure for the university can be found at
Please refer to the Course Description for information regarding late assignments, extensions, and special consideration. A reminder all academic regulations can be accessed via the university’s website, see:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1179 words including References

Title: “Leadership Styles of Effective Project Managers: Techniques and Traits to Lead High Performance Teams”

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