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Assessment task 2
Task description The purpose of this assessment item is to consolidate your knowledge of the challenges associated with starting a new business venture. For this assessment item you are required to write an essay addressing the following question:
Discuss the challenges involved in the process of starting a new business venture. What actions can an entrepreneur undertake to maximise the likelihood of success in the start-up process?
This assignment should be answered in an essay format, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Examples should be used to support your answers. There is no requirement for a table of contents for this assignment, but please use page numbers. You must use a minimum of eight (8) academic references to answer the question.
Criteria Measures Intended Learning Outcome:
Criterion 1 Explain the history of concepts of entrepreneurship and their relevance today. 1
Criterion 2 Compare and contrast the main features of economic and non-economic theories of the role and function of the entrepreneur, identify the questions addressed by each theory, and appraise the results obtained. 1
Task length 2500 words

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2804 words including References

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