Recent Question/Assignment

topic: Intercultural communication competence is essential for successful communities/ Intercultural communication is essential in the C21 workplace
please make the presentation introduction slides because it's a group assignment and my part is introduction. As per the task description each student must present for 3 minutes,also cite a minimum of two credible sources in their slides. please make only those slide which i can cover in 3 minutes.
here i attached all files in mail...............the first file is description of presentation...2-4 is articles and rest one are the book chapters and last one is sample PPT. Make the notes for every slide information.also mention the all topics which we are discussing in other slides, because other group members to have to continue other slides for our presentation part. we have to link our all presentation slides .
please provide the reference list for my slides.
And one thing is more please follow the Harvard referencing style.
Now i can aspect good and effective work from your side.