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2.5.3 Report
Weight: 40%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: -•=•-• --
Submission: You will be required to submit the assignment online via Turnitin by the due date. No hard copy is required. No coversheet is required.
Format: Rapid and planned response to a disaster scenario is critical for many public health professionals. This task provides students with a hypothetical scenario to which they have to respond quickly and thoughtfully A ensure the best health outcomes for those concerned.
Length: 1500 words
Curriculum Mode: Report
Students will be randomly allocated to one of several pre-written disaster scenarios and asked to complete a disaster response plan. Students will be provided their disaster scenario in Week 3 of the semester to allow for sufficient time A design a disaster response plan. The plan must cover all the relevant elements described in the unit and be an appropriate response At the disaster scenario.
A comprehensive disaster management plan should:
— Provide a critical analysis of the disaster event.
— Identify Al relevant stakeholders with a detailed description of their role within the disaster management plan.
— Provide At appropriate management of resources.
— Consider factors that may impact the disaster response plan including, but not limited A, vulnerable groups, animal welfare and environmental factors.
— Provide a plan At managing the psychological stressors of a disaster event At those affected, including any response personnel.
— Provide strategies At evaluating the effectiveness of the disaster management plan following the disaster event.
— Provide evidence from scholarly resources to support Al areas of the disaster response plan to ensure response strategy is in accordance with best practice approaches.
Your assignment will be assessed on the following:
— Critical analysis of the disaster scenario
— Content of the response plan
— Appropriateness of the response
— Depth of content
— Writing and formatting of the response plan
— Referencing
Feedback will be provided via the vUWS site using Grademark. Students are encouraged A review the feedback A
prepare At the reflection assignment.

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