Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment: Reflection
Individual Assignment
Marks Allocated: 15 %
Word Limit: 1000 (+/-10%) including references
This reflective essay requires you to reflect on your personal and professional potential about any specific career you aspire to pursue after finishing your Entrepreneurship degree and the major. In order to complete this assignment you need to;
• Do some online research and see what career opportunities are available in the market for people having Entrepreneurship specific degrees and competences.
• Read some good academic articles (at least 3) to understand how the field of Entrepreneurship has evolved overtime and what career/commercial opportunities have emerged for Entrepreneurship graduates. Also, see what industry and market experts are expecting from Entrepreneurship graduates to bring forth.
• Read/recall all the materials (discussions, notes, templates, activities etc.) you have gone through in the New Venture Creation course. You may read/recall some related material that you have covered in other Entrepreneurship major courses.
• In light of your comprehensive research, reading, and trainings, now you need to write your reflection by essentially covering the following points:
o What career opportunity you may wish to pursue after finishing your degree program.
o What is your motivation for that specific career opportunity
o How the course “New Venture Creation” has developed your capabilities (knowledge, skills, abilities, attitude, behaviours, personality etc.) to successfully pursue your chosen career. You must explain how you have acquired/demonstrated the skill or quality, drawing from the RMIT Activator workshops, online modules, and the course materials and using evidence from your New Venture Creation experience.

Assignment Criteria
• Answers which are comprehensive yet concise, coherent and convincing.
Note: This assignment task is not asking you to simply summarise the course materials. Answers should provide an effective balance between exposition and explanation.
• Demonstrated understanding of the course learnings and how it applies to the career success.
• Use of examples from the RMIT Activator workshop, online modules, and the literature to illustrate knowledge and skills.
• An expression which is articulate, clear and grammatical.
• Submission: The assignment must be submitted electronically via Canvas.