Recent Question/Assignment

You are required to prepare individually an ESSAY on the below given topic:
Do you believe that strategic HRM leads to mutual benefits? Critically analyse.
An essay requires a thesis statement, a body of argument and evidence and a conclusion. A thesis statement is responsive to the question - identifying the topic of the essay, indicating a “position” with regard to the question, and suggesting the line of reasoning which will be developed in the essay. The body of the essay develops and supports the thesis - makes points in support of the thesis and supports those points with evidence (for example, expert opinion, examples, anecdotes, data, research findings, etc.). The stringing together of quotes is not a line of reasoning nor is jotting down points under sub-headings. Sub-headings in an essay are a convenience, but an essay can - and must - be able to be understood without them. It is your responsibility as the author to ensure that your line of reasoning and your evidence are comprehensible to the reader; it is not the reader’s responsibility to do your thinking - make your connections - for you. Also, be aware that the material presented in the body of the essay should be explained and critically evaluated, whether quotes, data, summaries of research, examples, anecdotes, etc. Finally, an essay has a conclusion which draws together and summarises the ideas and line of reasoning presented in the essay and makes some meaningful statement with regard to the thesis as it has been developed in the essay. In effect, the parts of the essay are responsive to the following questions:
Thesis statement: What is your short answer to the question?
Body of the essay: How do you arrive at that answer? What is your line of reasoning and your evidence for it?
Conclusion: What should the reader conclude from what you have presented?
Special notes:
1. Please mention your stand of the topic in the introduction. Is it mutual benefit/ or company gets more benefited or/ employee gets more benefited.
Write a brief plan of what you’re gonna explain in the body.
2. In the body, provide critically analysis according to guideline :
• simultaneous effect
• System of mutual benefit
• Mutual benefit perspective
• HRM practices and Mutual benefits
3. Please put 6-10 Journals as reference (Harvard Style)
4. Word limit- 1600 words