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HC1062 Decision Making and Problem solving
• Identify a Company.
• Identify a management problem. (Note : not a market research nature).
• Specify research question which address the management problem/decision.
• Design a research program.
• Carry out research. Sourcing from ONLY secondary data.
• Analyse the findings.
• Identify alternatives and make recommendation to improve the performance of the organization.
• A persuasive report showing how the management problem/ decision should be managed.
Assessment Criteria students will be assessed on their knowledge of the concepts covered in the course and their capacity to apply that knowledge to improve business decision making.
Group reporting making criteria
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction(background information on the company and management problem and justification )
3. Main body (Methodology: source of secondary data, research design, data analysis techniques)
4. Results and discussion
5. Recommendation
6. conslusion
7. References
2000 Words