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Friday 11:59PM WEEK 10
3000 words
Group Assignment
For the group assignment, which is also presented to the class in weeks 10 & 11, students need to work in a group of 3-4 on the topic -Retailing in the Asian Pacific Region- (you can choose any country in this region except Australia as a case study). This assignment should be completed in groups of 34 students. Each group must submit a written list of group members and contact details, as well as get approval from their lecturer on the country they have selected by week 6. Note that you may not get the assignment submission links unless you are registered in a group on Blackboard.
In this assignment, you need to explain in detail how retailing differs in your chosen country from Australia. It is advised that a number of group members are well acquainted with the country of choice through either being born there or having lived there. It is also possible to do this assignment without having visited the country of choice but you will then need to rely more on published materials. The types of differences that may be relevant would examine topics such as: are there shopping centres in the same form as we have in Australia? If not, how do they differ? Are there supermarkets that are the same as those in Australia? If not how do they differ? — For example, in Malaysia beer and wine may be purchased in the supermarket along with other products rather than being separated as in Australia. The department stores and discount stores that we know in Australia such as David Jones, Myers, Target, Kmart and so on may be different in other countries. Try to identify all the differences you can and explain how these differences affect the retailing of products in your chosen country.
A limit of 3000 words overall (plus or minus 10%) is to be strictly observed. Your report must include formal title page and Holmes assignment coversheet. Ideally the report will be presented in Arial 12pt font with 1.5 lines spacing.
When complete each group must submit ONLY an electronic copy of their report to Blackboard via Safe Assign (Self Check) and final submission links by the due date. The percentage matching on Safe Assign is expected to be less than 20%.
Students must also show adequate evidence of additional research with about 5 - 10 academic reference sources provided.
Assessment Criteria
• Report structure, written presentation and layout (3 marks)
• Application of knowledge and course concepts
• Analytic and research skills shown (8 marks). Made up of:
o Understanding the differences in the structure of retail market in both countries.
o Estimation of potential size and profitability of retail industry in both countries.
o Analysis of potential problems facing the retail industry in both countries.
o Consideration of cultural aspects impacting retailing in both countries.
• Conclusion, recommendation and strength of overall arguments (3 marks)
• Quality of research and referencing (3 marks) TOTAL REPORT WEIGHTING: 20%
Group Presentation
A 5-10 minutes oral presentation will be delivered in class from week 10 by each group. All students are expected to be present. In each case the oral presentation of your topic to the class will be worth 10%. Make sure that the presentation is interesting and holds the attention of the class. DO NOT merely repeat what is in the report— you need to add value to your presentation. Focus mainly on key findings using necessary visual aids.
Group presentation
holds from
5-10 minutes
Final Examination (Closed Book Exam)
Information on the final exam will be provided by the lecture, and on blackboard.
Exam week
2 hours

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