Recent Question/Assignment

Task 1:
Develop at least five (5) realistic assumptions that you can add to the issues and problems expressed. These might typically be related to management, change processes, managerial information systems, technology, competitors, Customer’s and so on. Use at least two (2) sentences to describe each assumption (200 words).
Task 2:
Referring to Hayes (2014) Chapter 6 Building Change Relationships under the heading ‘Collaborative Modes of Intervening’, which two or more of these modes might you recommend to the new CEO of SSSE and why? (600 words).
Task 3:
In reference to Hayes (2014) Chapter 10 Power, politics and stakeholder management and Malhortra& Hinings (2015) Reading 9, discuss the importance of enlisting support from key stakeholders. What advice would you give to SSSE at this time? (600 words)
Task 4:
In reference to the classic article by Larry Greiner (1972) Reading 10, explain what is happening between growth and change in SSSE? (600 words)