Recent Question/Assignment

Due Date - 20th September 11.59pm
Discuss the role of ethics for educational leaders. In your response
consider (you may use sub-headings):
Ethics and Educational Leadership (approx. 500 words):
- What is ethics?
- Why is ethics important for educational leaders?
Use research and literature to explore this concept widely.
Ethics in practice (approx. 750-1000 words): Discuss how an educational leader
practically implements ethics in an educational organisation. You should choose
to discuss 2-3 ideas deeply. In your response you may consider the role of ethical
decision-making, codes of ethics (development and implementation),
relationships with staff and community, environments etc.
Case study discussion (approx. 750-1000 words): Identify a scenario or artifact
from an educational organisation that is associated with ethical leadership.
Examples may include a code of ethics, a specific decision-making scenario, or a policy or procedure (If you are having difficulty locating an example please
discuss early on with your lecturer). Describe the nature of the example within
the educational setting. Use supporting literature to analyse why the example
has been chosen to illustrate (ineffective and/or effective) ethical leadership. If
using an artifact include the document as an appendix item. All identifiable
features (e.g. names, organisations) should be de-identified unless the
document is a public document (e.g. available on a website
Format / Length /Duration: 2000 words
Assessment Criteria
Ø Logical and coherent development of arguments to define concepts
Ø Clearly defined practical implications identified and discussed
Ø Appropriate case study identified and accurately analysed
Ø Arguments are clearly supported by high quality literature
Ø Succinct and fluent writing
Ø Referencing style and word count
A rubric is available on the Moodle site
Subject Learning
Outcomes Assessed
Deepen their understanding of the place of ethical and authentic leadership
in leading and application of positive leadership practices at all levels of the
Method of Submission
This assessment task has been set up to be checked by Turnitin, a tool for
checking if it has unreferenced content. You can submit your assessment task
to Turnitin prior to the due date and Turnitin will give you an originality report.
You can then make any changes that may be required and re-submit you final
version by the due date.