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1. Explain how a manager can be a positive role model for staff within a business. Detail the qualities a manger should possess.
2. What information do you require to set your own personal goals in a work environment? Explain the 'SMART' goal setting method in your response.
3. In developing a performance plan for your own work output, what factors should be taken into consideration? Outline how you could address each of these points when setting personal work goals.
4. 'An important skill that a business manager must possess is to be able to multi-task and prioritise effectively to ensure all goals can be achieved' Explain this statement and how it relates to the overall performance of a business highlighting team/ organisational goals and objectives.
5. What types of methods and business technology are available to improve your ability to effectively manage your work priorities and achieve personal, team and organisation's goals and objectives?
6. What strategies could be implemented to measure your own personal work performance and maintain this performance within a workplace environment? Include all aspects of gaining feedback on your performance and ability to change your work practices as required when feedback is received.
7. Outline what you feel are the biggest time wasters in your completion of your studies. How do you manage these time wasters to ensure you can effectively manage your time and meet your study requirements?
8. How can you maintain an appropriate work- life balance ensuring that personal health and stress are effectively managed?
Explain why it is important to continually develop personal knowledge and skills to enhance your work performance. Outline ways in which you can develop and assess your skills when working as a manger within an organisation using both internal and external sources/ networks.
10. Explain the different types of learning styles that an individual may have and outline your own personal learning style. Include the reasons that you feel a particular learning style is more appropriate for yourself. How does being aware of this information help you to identify, evaluate and select development opportunities for yourself?
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Written Questions Assessment Task 1
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Project Assessment Task 2
part A
You are required to select a position within a current company that you would like to achieve within 10 years. You are then to produce a detailed Professional/ Personal development plan. it must include career objectives and an action plan to achieve them.
Ensure that your detailed personal development plan includes the following:
• Career goal statement
• How you organise your personal time management
• Types of current study methods that can improve your course personal performance.
• Previous work experience; job responsibilities
• How personal behaviour and learning style assists in achieving goals and maintain an appropriate work life balance to manage health and stress.
• Setting SMART goals and clear priorities that will still allow an effective work/life balance (Short and long term- at least 2 each)
• Plan to achieve these goals (What, how and by when)
• Summary of your professional development over the last 2 years.
• Summary of your personal development over the last 2 years.
• What new skills can you develop to maintain a competitive edge
Part B
You are to discuss your Professional/ Personal development plan with your Trainer. Document the feedback you receive in a report and list the changes you have then made to your plan to make it stronger and more achievable.
Part C
List the networks you are currently involved in, and networks you will be joining in to enhance personal
knowledge, skills and work relationships.
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